Thursday, 18 October 2007

Hello & Welcome

I've taken my time over this. Starting my new blog, that is.

Question That is the name, intended to get across to you the general spirit of inquiry that this blog is intended to espouse. It's also intended to be a little less restrictive than the name of my last blog which I ran over the winter last year, 'SELECT Privacy'.

That was great while it lasted and I learned a lot from writing it. After a while, however, I yearned to leave the slightly OTT polemical writing style behind - I won't be looking to become one of the vaunted 'swearbloggers' this time around. I also quite fancied writing about something other than civil liberties once in a while. Important as the implications for UK citizens of ID cards, the NHS database, Childrens' database and the many other Government initiatives that are too numerous to delineate here are, there are many more issues, concerns and general miscellanea that are well worth writing about. So 'Question That' it is.

Finally, before I start with the actual postings, a little about myself. I am a science research student in my early twenties. I grew up in the North-East of England, spent my undergraduate years at Oxford, and am now living and studying in London. When I'm not working, I post on Guardian Comment is Free on a variety of topics. I admire science writers Steven Pinker, Richard Dawkins and Matt Ridley, and political commentators Johann Hari, Mark Thomas and PJ O'Rourke. My favourite bands are Dover, Ozma and Rilo Kiley.

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Matt Wardman said...

I quite like your style.

How do you reconcile your like for Johann Hari with your Civil Libertarian views and his legal actions to close down comment from bloggers (e.g., Oliver Kamm) who criticised him?