Friday, 26 October 2007

Hüsker Dü - 'New Day Rising'

This is the first in an occasional series of arts reviews on Question That.

Hüsker Dü were an American alternative rock band who released six albums during the 1980s of which this is the third. They are credited as influences by a range of modern punk, rock and indie bands, including several I have been to see and/or own albums by. Before listening to this I had not heard sought out material by this band, and none of the tracks on here were recognisable as being something that I had heard previously.

Although the style of music could be broadly described as punk rock, the band have put together a varied bag here, ranging from radio-friendly new-wave (e.g. 'Terms of Psychic Warfare') through raucous hardcore ('Powerline'), power pop ('Books about UFOs') through experimental rock ('How To Skin A Cat'). The feedback-heavy guitar sound I associate with some 80s alternative music (e.g. the Jesus & Mary Chain) is present here, but not so strongly as to make it difficult to make out the rest of the instrumentation and/or the vocals. The lyrics on many tracks are still rather difficult to make sense of, not that this is uncommon for the genre.

On hearing several of these tracks, it does not come as a surprise to read that
Hüsker Dü are cited as influences for so many modern rock bands. The downbeat '59 Times The Pain' is reminiscent of Nirvana, 'Books About UFOs' of Ash or Silver Sun. I could see the the bouncy 'I Apologize' going down well at a modern indie rock club.

Hüsker do. 8

'Books About UFOs', 'Terms Of Psychic Warfare', 'Celebrated Summer'
SKIP: 'Plans I Make', 'Perfect Example'


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Husker Du are quality by the way. You may want to check out Bob Mould's later band "Sugar" if you liked this, alongside his more recent solo work.

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