Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ian Is...

...Reading: Iain Dale's Guide To Political Blogging In the UK 2007-08.
An excellent guide to what is going on in that new and exciting area of journalism and commentary known as the 'blogosphere'. Although it is written by a prominent Conservative blogger who turns up at #1 in the book's Top 500 Political Blogs, it contains plenty of thoughtful writing from across the political spectrum and beyond. Plus, the directory of blogs at the back makes it really easy to put together a comprehensive blogroll.

...Listening to: Hüsker Dü - 'New Day Rising'.
My music collection contains a lot of 90s and later punk and indie-rock music, plus some of the best-known seventies hits, but not a lot from the eighties. So I've lent my ear to a few albums from a friend's music collection, starting with this - Full review coming soon.

...Looking forward to: Brazilian Grand Prix
The last race of the 2007 Formula One season starts soon (17:00), with three drivers still in the title race. Here's hoping Lewis Hamilton can give us some British sporting success this weekend after last night's disappointment in Paris!

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