Friday, 2 November 2007

The Doctor Won't See You Now

Doctor Rant is at it again. And Doctor Crippen too.

Dr Rant has come up with a run of posts1,2 in the recent past making out that anyone who thinks that GPs may be taking up just a tiny bit too much of the NHS budget by taking advantage of the Government's misnegotiation of their contracts, which massively increased pay while allowing GPs to maintain restrictive opening hours is 'clueless', 'intellectually deficient' and almost every other insult this particular medic could come up with.

For working people working normal working hours, a morning or afternoon off to visit the doctor is a major inconvenience. For working parents who have to take time off to take their child to the doctor as well as themselves, the inconvenience is even greater. And there's no way around it. To obtain prescription medication or a referral to a specialist, you have to visit a GP - so even if you are not acutely ill and would rather not sit around with all the coughers and sneezers in their waiting room, if you have a chronic condition or inexplicable symptoms you have no alternative.

This is why this comment of Dr Crippen's3 makes me very angry

"It is easy to forget that most patients with genuine illness are either old or very young, and none of them work. They prefer to come during normal working hours. It is only the pretentious, middle-class...well-off “worried well” who demand the “right” to see a doctor in the evenings and at weekends."

Next thing this guy will be wondering why working people aren't going to the doctor...

I'll say it again. I (a working person who has to take time off every time) visit the GP not because I'm "worried", but because you have to in order to access the National Health Service. They are the gatekeepers. In practice this means visiting for one of two purposes: 1. To get a prescription, 2. To get a referral.

Nothing else. Not to witter on about my life history. And, especially, not to be nagged about my eating/drinking/exercise/smoking for the latest busybody targets.

If I can get those two things I listed above, at suitable times that mean not taking half a day off work every time (yes, that means evenings and weekends) at the clinic at the supermarket then I would use it without a second thought, as I expect would most other working people.

GP practices should have moved into the 21st century while they had the chance. Rant and Crippen are instead clinging to the past and behaving like petulant children when their current cushy arrangements are challenged. The linked posts by both are a disgrace.



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