Friday, 2 November 2007

No Culpability For Killing

Killers of a man who was shot in the head seven times on a Tube train are found guilty...of breaching Health and Safety regulations1.

Of course, the victim of this particular murder, 27-year old electriction Jean Charles de Menezes, was suspected of being a suicide bomber. So, that makes it alright.

Well, no. It doesn't. And when nineteen failings in procedure2 can be identified that resulted in the fiasco on the day, surely someone should be held responsible and face discipline, if not criminal charges. Instead Commander Cressida Dick, who was responsible for the operation against the 21 July bombers, was 'not personally culpable'. The head of the Met, Ian Blair rejects calls to resign. The officers who actually pulled the trigger on de Menezes were not even called to testify and have not even been identified other than as 'C2' and 'C12'.

When the BBC was found to have lied to its viewers over the name of a cat and an obscure phone-in competition, heads rolled3. When the Met Police kill an innocent man through incompetence, then allow the public to be misled about what happened4, somehow no-one is to blame.

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