Monday, 5 November 2007

Technical Notes

Just a couple of technical notes for you, the reader (and to remind me, the blogger)

1. The Blogroll
The blogroll is aimed to be a pretty comprehensive guide to the British blogosphere once it is completed with the invaluable help of the directory at the back of Iain Dale's 'Guide To Political Blogging 2007-08'. However, this takes time so it will be done gradually. You may have noticed that your blog is in the wrong category, e.g. StroppyBlog was in the Labour bloggers category instead of with the socialists. That's because in the beginning I made two categories based on Dale's Top 100 lists, headed Labour and Conservative - the more precise categorisation was a later addition, and I haven't got to recategorising most of the blogs on the list yet. If you really would like your blog categorised before I would get to it otherwise, drop me a note. Which leads me to...

2. The e-mail address
One commenter noted that I don't have an e-mail address on my blog that you can send comments and messages to. I did this deliberately because my last blog SELECT Privacy began to attract a lot of spam to the posted e-mail account once it began to be listed on search engines. I have now set up a dedicated e-mail account for the blog that is different to the one I actually use to update it, so feel free to e-mail me at if you have any comments or queries. (Of course, if it's related to a particular post I'd prefer you to comment there on the blog, and maybe a discussion will get going (especially if you post something a bit more erudite than "Twat!"!))

3. The commenting system
When I set up the blog in the beginning I chose to turn off anonymous commenting. This is not because I have strong feelings against anonymity (since this is, after all, a pseudonymous blog that would be rather daft I'm sure you agree), but because there's little more annoying than reading 50-post long comment threads after articles on other blogs in which every other commenter is 'Anonymous', making it just about impossible to follow the discussion. Just register a name on gmail, its free and you can call yourself or similar and give us all a smile when you comment rather than being boring old anonymous.
If people out there feel really strongly about this and don't want to register to comment on this post, drop me an e-mail at the address in 2.

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