Saturday, 22 December 2007

10th Tube of Christmas: MMC/MTAS

The ones that the media would have let the Government got away with. Rushed-through changes in the way in which training posts are allocated to doctors, combined with a shortage of said posts, led to a crisis in the health service. The MTAS application process ignored clinical and research experience in favour of answers to highly general and often vague questions, turning the process into a near-lottery. Security failings meant that applicants' personal data could be accessed by changing a URL. A grass-roots campaign by the medics of RemedyUK (of which this video is part) eventually led to MTAS being scrapped, but the wider framework of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) lives on.

WINNER: Under-reported Scandal of the Year 2007 = Baloney MMC

The campaign to save 90 translators who worked for the British army from torture and execution in Iraq gained some mainstream media traction in the form of a Times front page, but it is bloggers who have pressed continuously for the Government to reverse their decision not to grant them asylum. Tim Ireland's video shown below is short and to-the-point.

RUNNER-UP: Under-reported Scandal of the Year 2007 = The Plight of Iraqi Interpreters

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