Sunday, 23 December 2007

11th Tube of Christmas: Brown Bottles

Gordon Brown's misjudgement in allowing speculation on the timing of an early general election to build, appearing to back down in the face of discouraging polls and then denying that was the case, was the turning point of the political year. From the first week of October through until the end of the year, Brown's reputation for prudence and competence was irreparably damaged. Videos such as this official Liberal Democrat effort portraying Brown as 'the Grand Old Duke of York' served to put the boot in, reinforcing the 'Bottler Brown' image.

RUNNER-UP: Political Video of the Year 2007 = Lib Dems - 'No General Election in 2007

I had to fit this in somewhere. As Brown's decline continued through November, Vince Cable came up with the kind of epithet that won't be forgotten in a hurry. This sublime moment at Question Time led some to call Cable the Lib Dem leader who should have been, and left Brown reeling.

BONUS: Quip of the Year 2007: Vince Cable - 'From Stalin to Mr Bean'

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