Monday, 24 December 2007

12th Tube of Christmas: The Best At Being Bad

When historians of British politics look back at the first decade of the 21st century, 2007 will almst certainly be remembered for being the year that Tony Blair left 10 Downing Street after 10 long years at the helm. Fitting, then, that the YouTube of the year deals with exactly that. Tim Ireland's compilation, backed by music from Bugsy Malone, is a wry look back at those ten years. This is extraordinary and a must-see:

WINNER: Political Video of the Year 2007 = Bloggerheads - 'Goodbye, Tony Blair'

2007 Retrospective - Summary
1. Hit Song of the Year: Mika - 'Grace Kelly' (Runner-up: Feist - '1234')
2. Non-Hit Song of the Year: TAT - 'Peace Sex & Tea' (Runner-up: Groove Coverage - '21st Century Digital Girl')
3. Movie of the Year: Sicko (Runner-up: Taking Liberties)
4. Internet Craze of the Year: Lolcats (Runner-up: HuckChuckFacts)
5/6. Unintentionally Humorous TV Moment of the Year: Anonymous on Fox 11 (Runner-up: Guido Fawkes on Newsnight
7. Sporting Highlight of the Year: France 0-1 Scotland (Runner-up: Lewis Hamilton on the track)
8. Controversial TV Moment of the Year: Teapacks - 'Push The Button' (Runner-up: Bullying of Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother)
9. Ridiculous News Story of the Year: Teddy Bear Named Muhammad (Runner-up: Blue Peter Cat named Socks)
10. Under-reported Scandal of the Year: MMC/MTAS (Runner-up: Iraqi Interpreters)
11/12. Political Video of the Year: Bloggerheads - 'Goodbye Tony Blair' (Runner-up: Lib Dems - 'No Election in 2007')

Happy Christmas to all readers of Question That from me, and I hope you have enjoyed this retrospective of 2007.

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