Sunday, 16 December 2007

4th Tube of Christmas: Lolcats

I turn my attention to Internet subculture for several of the remaining entries in the list, starting today with something of an oddity, which I expect most regular web-users will have come across at least once during the course of 2007. These doctored images of cats are thought to have originated in 2005 at 4chan, an underground image board where almost anything goes*. In January 2007 a dedicated website was set up. By mid-2007, they seemed to be everywhere!

WINNER: Internet Craze of the Year 2007 = LOLCATS

Jokes about US martial artist and actor Chuck Norris have been around on the web for years, centring on his tough, heroic image. The craze reached another level to most in November, however, when Republican candidate Mike Huckabee's campaign released a YouTube video interposing Huckabee facts with Chuck Norris jokes.

RUNNER-UP: Internet Craze Of The Year 2007 = HuckChuckFacts

* We'll meet 4chan again later in this list.

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