Wednesday, 19 December 2007

7th Tube Of Christmas: Tartan Army

I almost didn't include a sporting pick in this set, there being so much to choose from yet so little that stood out. Choosing a sporting highlight from what 2007 had to offer was always going to be a bit of a lucky dip. But as a football fan who cheers for all the home nations, I feel although the eventual outcome (of the qualifying campaign for Euro 2008) was disappointing all round, one match in particular stands out.

WINNER: Sporting Highlight of the Year 2007 = France 0-1 Scotland

Something of a strange video this one, but quality YouTubes of the man who in the Spring looked set to run away with the hearts of sports fans across Britain and clean up at awards ceremonies were surprisingly thin on the ground. I'm talking of course about Lewis Hamilton. Following the spying controversy; run-ins with team-mates; last-race defeat in the drivers championship; move to Switzerland; and finally loss of driving licence, a lot of that gloss had been lost. But the on-track performances of Lewis Hamilton were still, definitely, a British sporting highlight of 2007.

RUNNER-UP: Sporting Highlight of the Year 2007 = Lewis Hamilton on the racetrack

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