Sunday, 13 January 2008

Allardyce Had To Go

Adapted from a comment left at Stumbling & Mumbling

I can only conclude that all of these talking heads criticising the sacking of Sam Allardyce by Newcastle United didn't actually watch much of the appalling excuse for football that Newcastle United played under Allardyce.

He had no idea how to adjust to managing a team like NUFC, how to play with the quality players he had (Emre, Duff, Martins, Milner all wasted under Allardyce) in a way that it would be reasonable to expect the Geordie faithful to get behind. When the fans booed Newcastle against Liverpool, it wasn't because they lost 3-0, but because they were so ridiculously negative, against a mediocre side by Liverpool standards, that if they'd played well into the night they wouldn't have scored.

Instead he tried to turn Newcastle into Bolton, battlers playing percentage football, trying to grind out a draw away to bloody Wigan by playing 4-5-1 - and failing miserably.

Meanwhile, Manchester City have played great football, are currently level on points with Liverpool, and look very good bets for a UEFA Cup place with a manager who has had less time in the hot seat than Allardyce. Meanwhile Newcastle languish in mid-table. However you define "big club", if Manchester City are one then so are Newcastle United.

Newcastle were absolutely right to cut their losses and turf out Allardyce before he started splashing around buying players only for the next manager to have to sell (like Souness did) in the transfer window.

Granted, it would have been better if they'd had someone lined up to replace him but we can't have it all!

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