Monday, 14 January 2008

Collective Interest

The first post is up at QT's spin-off blog Collective Interest (which I introduced here), thanks to Longrider.

To recap, the specific aim of Collective Interest is to help us (non-collectivists) develop a greater appreciation of and understanding of the basis of collectivist ideas and the collectivist mindset. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about in the bolded section, read the post where I describe my conception of this dichotomy.

I am hoping that Collective Interest will develop into a significantly-sized group blog, where contributors post choice examples of collectivism, pseudo-egalitarianism, authoritarianism, communitarianism, opposition to freedom of choice, and advocacy of the destruction of civil liberties. Perhaps some discussion of the psychology and philosophy underlying these arguments might even get going, which would be great.

Collective Interest's inaugural post sees Longrider excoriate the dogged Labour blogger Neil Harding for a particularly unpleasant expression of his desire to wipe out medical data privacy.

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