Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Diktatwatch: Client's Perspective

The first Diktatwatch and, really, the inspiration for the whole idea comes from Shiny Happy Person's NHS junior psychiatrist blog Trick-Cycling For Beginners.

Here, SHP discovers that when you ask a silly question, you, er...

In these touchy-feely days of politically-correct medicine, where we must not allude to the fact that we are giving people drugs for illnesses by calling them 'patients', where daily nursing entries forgo the hackneyed observations of mental state and whether or not major organs appear to still be functioning in favour of 'no spiritual or cultural needs identified', we have endless boxes to tick and reams of clerking proformas to fill in, to ensure a holistic approach.

Some would say it's 'political correctness gone mad'.

I'd be inclined to agree with them.

But if you want me to fill in your patronising, euphemistic, dumbed-down check-lists, there are times it is almost enjoyable, viz:

What is the client's perspective of need?

"I want to get out of this f@#&ing shit-hole, you c@#&s*!"
*The swearing wasn't 'bleeped' in the original post. I have a loose policy of avoiding the strongest swear-words in this blog, mainly to avoid falling foul of filters.

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