Friday, 22 February 2008

Making Greens Redder

Further to my discussion of the links between 'red' and 'green' politics, there's some backing for the assertions I made in yesterday's post (and this older one) at environment-focused blog Conservengland.

Dorothea, who explains that environmental issues come top of her voting priorities, writes of her concern that "the Green Party is being pushed towards the far left" (Link), and references this post at Green Party principal male speaker Derek Wall's blog.

Sean Thompson, the strategist quoted in the linked post, talks of his "work within the Green Party [being] fundamentally about 'making greens redder'" and in the last paragraph discusses 'socialists transforming the green party' and 'prefiguring a new socialist movement'.

As Dorothea suggests, if people wanted the sort of socialism espoused by the SWP, they'd vote for the SWP. In the comments, Green Party councillor Sue Luxton suggests that the article was probably never meant to see the light of day, and concurred with Dorothea that were these far-left elements of the party to become more widely publicised it would put off a significant proportion of the electorate. She's right of course. Yes, there are overlaps between 'left' politics and Green politics, but there's a more meaningful gap between reasonable progressive politics and the kind of revolutionary socialism the SWP advocate.

If Greens consider it desirable to alienate moderates, right-wingers and libertarians by not only allowing environmentalism to be conflated with extreme left-wing politics, but actively promoting this view, this suggests that they are going the right way about it.

"...The patronising waffle about “raising consciousness” will go down in working class areas about as well as a cat at Crufts." - Dorothea (Link)

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