Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Nick Clegg vs ID Cards

I just sat down to write my main post for tonight when Nick Clegg MP (the leader of the Liberal Democrats, for those who had forgotten) appeared on the TV behind me. In the 'Politics Slot', he reiterated his opposition to New Labour's ID scheme and his pledge to refuse to sign up to the ID register, "even if it means going to court".

Good on him. As the issue has largely disappeared from the political radar, NO2ID reveals that the Home Office is planning to plough on with the ID scheme despite its clear unpopularity. An official NIR 'options analysis' document has been put up on WikiLeaks (PDF) and annnotated by NO2ID. The document reveals that "various forms of coercion" (pg4), such as requiring young people applying for their first driving licence to register, are under consideration - making a mockery of promises that the scheme would be voluntary. As if civil libertarians ever believed those!

For fellow Londoners, there's a public NO2ID social meeting at The Old Crown pub tomorrow (Thursday) evening from 7pm. More here.

For all, there is the NO2ID Pledge. Join with Nick Clegg MP and say no to ID.

"Say no to ID and it becomes more difficult to put pressure on you and everyone else. Get your friends to pledge too, and everyone protects one another. If you say no, then ID cards will fail."


Phil BC said...

Though not a LibDem by a long shot (in fact, I have a healthy dislike for them), Clegg should be congratulated for keeping this issue alive. I hope he continues to use his position to attack, expose, polemicise, and mobilise against this ridiculous scheme.

Lynne Featherstone MP said...

Not surprisingly - I agree with my colleague Nick Clegg on this! If you missed the piece, you can watch it on YouTube: