Friday, 29 February 2008

Technical Notes

One significant change and a couple of minor things to mention in Technical Notes this month.

1. Sitemeter
I added a SiteMeter to the site a week ago. I was reluctant to start counting and tracking traffic since - as I discovered when I got to the three-month stage with the old blog - it can be rather disheartening to see just how few people are reading your writings! In the past week Question That has had just under 250 unique visitors.

However, a lot of them are probably not finding what they are looking for. Almost 40 of them came to this post after Googling for "philosophical chasm" or a similar search phrase! While it is nice to know that I am number 1 worldwide Google search result for that particular phrase, I doubt these searchers were actually after a rambling exploration of the ideas of individualism and collectivism!

Anyway, onto the point of this. My solution for improving the quality and quantity of visitors I get from Google is to change the style of post titles I use. While I enjoy coming up with pithy, CiF style titles such as Extreme Measures, they just don't deliver the goods from a Google point of view. So, short snappy titles are out; long descriptive titles containing keywords are in...

2. Colour Scheme
The colour scheme remains unchanged from initial setup. However, I have heard that the blog's colour scheme may not display correctly on all systems. It is supposed to be white text on a dark violet background, with the blog title and dates in pale green, and the post title and hyperlinks in pale blue. If your Question That is displaying differently, I would be grateful if you could tip me the wink, including a basic description of your system.

3. About Me & Banner Text
I have updated the 'About Me' profile (slightly amended and extended) and changed the banner text.

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Mel Starrs said...

your background is showing up as black on this Firefox configuration. Sorry, it's an internet cafe so no more clues as to the system (old).