Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Blogger's Notes

I used to call these updates 'Technical Notes', but I don't really blame anyone for not reading posts called that!

1. Blogroll
I am in the gradual process of updating the blogroll. I gave the Labour Bloggers selection a going over, removing several councillors and a few MPs and others who haven't written 10 or more posts since the start of 2008. I have expanded the Business, Finance & Economics Bloggers section substantially. I have promoted Samizdata to the Most Read Blogs list in place of Neil Harding. Last but not least, having become a member of the new Libertarian Party UK I have added an LPUK logo and the LPUK blogroll to my sidebar.

2. SiteMeter
Stats are not bad for a blog that is only 5 months old today. Since 22 February (when I installed the SiteMeter) I have had 1,278 visits, an average of 68 per day. Posting on Comment is Free and leaving a link to the blog has proven to be the best source of visitors, followed by a variety of Google searches. By far the most of my blog-referred traffic comes from Devil's Kitchen, followed by Longrider. By far the most popular post in terms of views (though you wouldn't know it from the miserly 1 comment) is 7 March's 'Whoever You Vote For, The EU Gets In', probably because it was linked to in this DK post.

3. Post Titles
You might have noticed I went back to the snappier post titles in the most recent set of posts. I am probably going to alternate between the two. Google does send viewers on the basis of titles, it is true (I get a lot of hits from searches for 'philosophical chasm' and 'FAS 157' after I used those in titles). But they're not really the kind of hits I am after (i.e. people likely to get involved in discussions and keep coming back).

I said I wouldn't do it, but as an experiment to see if it improves the blog's miserable views to comments ratio I have enabled anonymous comments. If it is abused, I will disable them again. I have added a comments policy to the sidebar. Expect Anonymous comments to be moderated much more strictly than those from Blogger and OpenID users.

1 comment:

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ian, thanks for link and everything, only I don't know why you have me under centre-right, I'm not actually political. I have returned favour, but do you have a surname or anything? Just 'Ian' looks a bit daft, frankly.