Monday, 10 March 2008

Diktatwatch: Visions & Values

Diktatwatch is an occasional series on Question That exposing management follies and political nonsense, from the bloggers at the sharp end.

This week, paramedic blogger Tom Reynolds at Random Acts Of Reality describes the unintended consequences of one Government target in particular:

Part of our Visions and Values is -
Clinical Excellence
We will demonstrate total commitment to the provision of the highest standard of patient care. Our services and activities will be ethical, kind, compassionate, considerate and appropriate to the patients’ needs.

Could someone please explain how not bedding our patients securely down in hospital fits this value? The last time this was tried patients disappeared and spent hours waiting for treatment while the hospitals didn't know they were there.

All this is to fit in with the clinically irrelevant ORCON standard (do click on this link - it makes interesting reading when the BMJ agree with us. Particularly "The strategies introduced to meet the targets can be detrimental to patient care and also have adverse effects on the health, safety, wellbeing, and morale of paramedics.").

It is just another way that the ORCON standard is having a negative impact on the effective and humane treatment of our patients. Anyone who wants to disagree should take a look at my proposed solution, and then tell me that ORCON is the ideal measurement.


If we really want to be living up to our Visions and Values I think we should be kicking and screaming at the government to get ORCON measurement off the table, or at least made vastly less important. It's not evidence based and it's having a detrimental effect on patient care - and this latest initiative is just one more example of this.


I want my management to take this in the manner that it is meant. As a call to realise that bending over backwards to fulfil the inappropriate targets set by the government is no way to lead a service, and that we need to start pushing back against these diktats...

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Anonymous said...

Tom Reynolds is an EMT, NOT a paramedic. The title paramedic is protected by law. He is a technician.