Saturday, 15 March 2008

Giving Nurse The Heave-Ho

"And always keep ahold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse" - Hilaire Belloc

As you might have gathered from yesterday's post, I think there's a sea-change going on in British politics. Or, more specifically, in the public's attitude to politics. You might call it a tipping point. You might call it a boiling over of anger. But what's clear is that more and more people are sick and tired and not going to take it any more. Sick and tired of being lied to. Sick and tired of not being listened to, or worse being listened to and then ignored. Sick and tired of a choice between shit, shite and manure. Perhaps, becoming more aware that a change of Government doesn't actually mean that much, because the lobbyists and the civil servants stay the same anyway.

As staybryte pointed out, there is the smell of panic in the air. Politicians, particularly Labour but in the other main parties as well, are becoming aware of this. That people aren't going to just follow the shepherd to the polling station and vote for them to keep the other lot out any more - i.e. that they're coming to realise that there's no f@#king point in doing that. All they're doing by doing so is keeping ahold of nurse.

My personal tipping point was the Lisbon Treaty. For a long time I danced around the possibility of joining the Liberal Democrats. They looked like they were talking sense on a lot of issues, and if you divide politics into a two-axis grid, as a social liberal and economic centrist I was approximately on-message. But their Europe position always rankled, and their approach to the referendum vote was utterly craven. They lived right up to Devil's Kitchen's description of them as a waste of time whose party motto should be "why bother?".

Of course I'm not going to vote BNP as a result of my loathing of the political status quo. Although as many posters on the CiF thread explained it would give a kick up the backside to the Labs, Cons and Libs, it would give them the wrong kind of kick up the backside. It would give them the impression that the sort of callousness that led to the refusal of asylum to Mahdi Kazemi and Jahongir Sidikov is what the voters want!

I'm confident in saying that is not true in the majority of cases. What they want, as Laban Tall wrote, is to give New Labour (and by extention the other two mirror image parties) a good shoeing. Unfortunately, it turns out at the moment that the BNP are the most effective way of doing so.

Increasingly, people aren't content to keep ahold of nurse. They express that by not voting, by spoiling the ballot, or by voting BNP. If the powers that be wanted to blunt the BNP's threat, they could introduce an option to vote for None Of The Above. But they won't do that, because it would reveal at a stroke just how unpopular they are.

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