Monday, 3 March 2008

Lisbon Treaty: 88% Want A Referendum

In an unofficial ballot held across 10 constituencies, 88% of 152,520 people voted in favour of a referendum on the EU's Treaty (Telegraph).

The ballot was organised by cross-party campaign group I Want A Referendum. This result should serve as a warning to the Government that voters are not about to let the failure to deliver on the manifesto promise to hold a referendum be brushed under the carpet.

The poll results also indicate that speculation that the reason the Government is reneging on the manifesto promise is that it would lose the vote is well-founded. 89% of the voters in the private ballot answered No to the question "Should we approve the Lisbon treaty?"

The overall turnout for this unofficial ballot was over 36% - higher than the average for local elections! This is a real signal to both Labour and Lib Dem MPs intending to go on opposing the referendum.

Divisions on this issue are present within both parties. Labour MP Kate Hoey admits in her Comment is Free article this evening, the (Lisbon) treaty is essentially the same as the constitution that was the subject of said promise. Meanwhile, Liberal England describes how the Lib Dems' bizarre policy on the treaty came about - and the growing rebellion against it.

There's still time for a policy shift. The British public are clearly in favour of a referendum. Labour, Lib Dems, how about delivering?

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