Monday, 17 March 2008

Monday Funnies


"10. What's all this politics stuff? I was looking for a web site about the 80s toy called 'Stop Boris'. I hope the toy company sues you for every last penny you have.

That probably wouldn't cover their legal fees. We were astonished to discover, after registering this domain and setting up our campaign, that there was apparently a toy in the 1980s called Stop Boris, which involved firing a laser beam at a robotic spider (called Boris) in order to halt his advance towards you.

I'm afraid that no-one involved in the campaign had ever owned or heard of this toy before, although the parallels with our campaign to stop the undesirable, hairy Boris, who seems to have plenty of feet to put in his mouth, from advancing on City Hall are obvious.

Please note that the Stop Boris campaign does not advocate the use of laser beams to repel Mayoral candidates."
- Stop Boris FAQ,

"For a good book, try 'Click Clack Moo - Cows that Type', which has a fine trade union message for under 6s. The sequel, 'Giggle giggle quack' is OK as well, but the third in the trilogy - 'Vote for Duck' - is far too reformist." - Chris Williams, Dave's Part blog

"This, all of this, Scientology, Chanology, the protests, David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, Anonymous, it's all absolutely, completely and utterly absurd. This is a fucking G.I. Joe cartoon. You have a shadowy, secretive, evil organization bent on global domination, complete with a leader who is a mixture of batshit insane and totally retarded and is over the top at every opportunity. They even have excessively complex and sneaky plans to further their agendas, with goofy cloak and dagger names, and yet stay out of the eye of the general public despite the appearance of borderline idiocy. And then you have their opposition, a motley group of individuals united by a common enemy, who's individual strengths and experiences add up to a far greater whole. We even have code-names and uniforms. All we're missing is fucking red and blue lasers and some ATVs. There's even an underground base involved in all of this, and secret vaults.

With that in mind, how can anyone not find this hilarious?"
- Anon3Mouse, Enturbulation Forums

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