Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Smokers Are Voters Too

Over at John's Labour Blog, John ponders the question of how to persuade white-van drivers like his brother-in-law to vote Labour.

One might think that the following might provide a clue as to why he's having such difficulty:

"My brother-in-law won’t have his company logo sprayed on the sides of his van because he believes that he will not be able to legally smoke while driving if it is identified as a “company vehicle”. I’m not sure that this is actually true or not?"

The van driver's worry regarding smoking in his van probably originates from this story, headlined 'Smoking in cars used for work to be banned'. At present it is not thought to be the case that smoking is banned in such vehicles, unless they are used to carry passengers (e.g. a taxi). However, legislation to make illegal all smoking in work vehicles may well be forthcoming.

New Labour's war on smokers shows little sign of abating. The latest ridiculous proposals to force shopkeepers to hide rather than displaying cigarettes are only the tip of the iceberg. Labour is of course responsible for the ban on smoking in pubs, and have more recently let it be known that they are considering the introduction of smoking licenses, or permits - an absurd scheme described by the adviser who put it forward as 'libertarian paternalism'!

Well, I don't know about the libertarian part but if there's one thing this Government can safely be described as, it is 'paternalistic'. Smokers bear the brunt - it is if their votes are utterly unwanted - but drinking and eating are also in the sights of the likes of Dawn Primarolo.

The Nanny State is here, it's growing by the year.
How to roll it back? Not by voting Labour, that's for sure!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

There was that poor taxi driver who got fined £715. And it is widely believed that John's brother in law is in fact correct. So it is probably true and even if it isn't, it will be soon.