Sunday, 9 March 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

The above is one of six recruitment posters (you can see the other 5 here and here) sent to Scientologists by the London Church of Scientology, in an attempt to attract people who have previously signed up with them but are not currently active (so-called 'public Scientologists') to work in their organisations.

The images are, as of the time of posting, still hosted on the London CoS foundation's own website (i.e., e.g. (Link, proxied for security).

Suffice to say that, for the CoS to use this imagery and the words of Churchill (the e-mail with the image above was reportedly even sent with the title 'A Message from Winston Churchill') to recruit - thereby equating working for the cult with the fight against Naziism, is in my opinion and I've no doubt that of many others, disgraceful.

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