Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fool Around

My intention of coming up with a great April Fools post went by the way side, despite some great suggestions from ActonHighStreet and Giles that I just couldn't conjure up the wit needed to follow up.

So, instead, here's a quickfire roundup of some of the best (and worst) April Fools gags from around the blogosphere:

Guido Fawkes announces that Boris Johnson will lead for the Conservatives at Prime Minister's Question Time - against Harriet Harman for Labour.

A Very Public Sociologist blogs a leaked press release stating that Richard Barnbrook has defected from the BNP to the Left List.

Laurence Boyce at Liberal Voice suggests "weighted votes" as an alternative to proportional representation - and Matt Wardman analyses the proposal.

Birmingham University Conservative Future
make a case for the reinstatement of the British Empire.

Cassilis provides a bold, grotesque 'commissioned' portrait of Gordon Brown.

The Daily (Maybe) announces the launch of a nude calendar to raise funds for the Green Party.

Iain Dale gets in late with his poll asking 'Should I take part in Celebrity Big Brother'? Never mind, at least Chris Paul was taken in by it.

1 comment:

Chris Paul said...

Taken in? Was not so! As careful analysis of my post reveals. Thought it worth a conspiratorial link that's all. GuF also linked to it, hours later.

(But thanks for the link!)