Thursday, 17 April 2008

Blogging Event at the ASI

Last night for me was one spent away from the keyboard and screen, but in the company of my fellow bloggers - enjoying ale, sandwiches and some very interesting speeches and conversation at the Adam Smith Institute.

It gave me an opportunity to meet some of the best-known right/libertarian bloggers in the country, including the listed speakers 'Guido Fawkes', Tim Worstall and Perry of Samizdata, all of whom had plenty to say on the subject of crapness in public life, and all of whom stayed for a good while afterwards to chat and drink with the rest of us.

Among the other friendly faces I met last night are Andrew of Anomaly UK, Jonathan of Samizdata, Devil's Kitchen and a couple of other fellow members of the recently-formed UK Libertarian Party, and Terry Arthur of the Taxpayers' Alliance, appropriately enough as he is the author of 'Crap: A Guide To Politics'. There were a few more whose names and/or blogs I don't recall now, plus one guy who recognised me (somehow) from the Anonymous protest in March!

As you might expect much of the conversation centred around libertarianism, political blogging or both. Some of the most interesting discussion was on the topic of how best to promote smaller government and individual liberty, with some backing the Tories, others perservering with UKIP, and a third group (including myself) suggesting that neither fits the bill and a new, truly libertarian party that is neither moralistic nor xenophobic is needed. I hope, and I'm confident, that plenty more such debate will be had at future events like last night's.

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Falco said...

Must apologise, I nabbed, (with credit), some of your comments from LibCon for a post. Currently having a barney with Sunny over the substance of that.

Adding you to the blogroll as we speak and on the forth vodka.