Monday, 7 April 2008

Monday Funnies

From the BBC Biased Open Comment Thread. Anyone who's spent much time around Chomskyite leftists banging on about the evils of the 'MSM' will enjoy this one (or perhaps not):

"Oh, no worries, Susan. I keep telling my parents that they're being fed crap by the German MSM. Sadly they don't have a computer so they can't access the alternative newsmedia I am relying on (Politically Incorrect Blog, LGF [Little Green Footballs], Jihadwatch etc.).

A lot of people are waking up because they can cross-check the MSM stuff..."
- disillusioned_german

Overheard in the social club, a top contender for 'Daft Bugger of the Year' (paraphrased):
'You know, I was so relieved when I found out I'd won the Grand National sweepstake. All day I was wondering 'Is someone threatening me?', 'How did they get access to my wallet?'. There was a note in there reading 'Comply Or Die'!' - Friend who shall remain un-named

Good advice for chefs (not sure it's particularly useful to anyone else!)
"Every time I can remember [Gordon] Ramsay vomiting, on any of his shows, there's always been a scallop involved. I wouldn't serve him one on a bet." - Rube E Tewesday, Straight Dope Message Board

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