Thursday, 1 May 2008

Chips With Everything

Via Samizdata

It could be said that, when it comes to my tiny part in trying to "stop Boris", it's a good job I saw this after I went to the polls this morning. It might just have tipped my decision the other way:

"We are marvelling at the multiple possibilities of Oyster, but come back here in 10 years’ time and we will have chips inserted under our skin or inside our heads" - Ken Livingstone, quoted by Computing magazine
Again, it'll probably be argued that ID card supporter Ken was being flippant, just as it was when he suggested support for a "nanny state" to avert "collapse" as a result of "climate change" in an Independent interview.

But goodness knows Boris Johnson has taken plenty of stick, some of it justified, for flippant remarks he has made in the past. And, Boris has apologised. Ken remains unapologetic for his Orwellian rhetoric.

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Little Black Sambo said...

Well, hooray for flippant remarks, I say. It is what makes Boris such a refreshing change from the programmed robots around him.