Thursday, 8 May 2008

Elephant Spotting

The EU Referendum blog has an insightful post about the role of bloggers in exposing the influence of the EU on British Government policy - Something the media, even those papers often derided by pro-EU commentators as Euro-phobic, are often failing to pick up on.

In this case, it is the Third Postal Services directive (directive 2008/06/EC (PDF)) that is the elephant. This directive provides for all postal services in the EU to be opened to competition by December 2010, requiring "legal monopolies" on postal services to be abolished by the end of that month.

Despite this, (via Tim Worstall) articles in the British press on the opening up of the UK postal market to competition have uniformly failed to mention the influence of the directive. Articles in the Telegraph, Guardian, Times, Independent, Daily Express, Sun, Mirror and, yes Polly, even the Daily Mail all ignored the role of the EU.

EU Referendum finish up their excoriation of the mainstream media by declaring that "[the blogs] will have to carry more of the load in future". If this showing is anything to go by, they're definitely right on that score.

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