Thursday, 29 May 2008

How About A Life Without Nanny?


While attempting to find out just how EU-influenced the current wave of paternalistic anti-smoking measures under consideration by New Labour is, I came across this.

The above image forms part of a poster for an EC-funded event: HELP - for a life without tobacco - to mark World No Tobacco Day, an event organised by the World Health Organisation.

The website on which I found this, the EUROPA Public Health site, has this to say about smoking:

"In order to curb this [smoking] epidemic, the European Community is actively developing a comprehensive tobacco control policy, which is characterised by a four-stage approach: 1. Legislative measures are the backbone of the Community's present and future tobacco control activities"
In other words, the EU, in connection with the WHO, is set on campaigning against smoking. The WHO even has a 'Tobacco Control Database', which
"provide[s] a standardized and reliable tracking and assessment of the tobacco-related situation within and across countries, and disseminate this information to policy- and decision-makers, staff of tobacco prevention and control programmes..."
A commenter on a post over at Devil's Kitchen on the Government's consideration of yet more swingeing anti-smoking measures, Chris Snowdon, proposed that the cretinous proposals are an attempt to meet a target agreed with the EU and WHO of a 21% smoking rate by 2010.

This is clearly a Department of Health target, and there are clearly more bureaucrats dedicated to pushing anti-smoking propaganda at the EU and the WHO than you could shake an, er, cigarette at.

The idea that people might prefer to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit seems to have escaped these target-setters.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

What 'epidemic'? Aren't fewer and fewer people smoking all the time?