Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Lisbon Treaty: Legal Challenge To Go Ahead

IMAGE: Daily Telegraph

Stuart Wheeler (above), the founder of the spread betting firm IG Group, has won the right to challenge the Government in the High Court over the Lisbon Treaty.

"Mr Wheeler claims that the British public is entitled to vote on the Lisbon treaty because, he says, it is virtually identical to the constitution on which a referendum was promised."
He's right, of course - Senior figures including Margot Wallstrom, Valery Giscard d’Estaing and Angela Merkel have all admitted as much.

The hearing has been scheduled for 9 June, just 3 days before the Irish vote on the treaty.

The Lisbon Treaty issue has fallen off the political radar somewhat in recent weeks. Let's hope this puts it right back on the agenda where it belongs, and at the very least makes Gordon Brown squirm once more as the electorate is reminded of his betrayal of their trust (PDF, see pg41-42) on further EU integration.

If Stuart Wheeler wins in his court bid, the Government may even be made to honour that manifesto promise, and give the people of Britain a referendum on the Treaty!


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