Monday, 19 May 2008

Video Of The Week (20)

Video of the Week: 12/05-18/05: Leto Svet

Eurovision time is here again - the first 'semi-final' for Saturday's Contest is tomorrow. This peculiar offering from Estonia's Kreisiraadio (Crazy Radio) competes in Tuesday's pre-contest, and is my pick of this year's songs.

'Leto Svet' (Summer light) is sung in a combination of Finnish, German and bad Serbian. The song is clearly intended to be humorous, but it seems likely that the humour will be lost on pretty much anyone not from Estonia - in other words, 100% of the people that will be voting for it (or not as the case may be)!

UPDATE (21/05): Hi to all of the Estonian visitors who have come to Question That as a result of this post. I am disappointed that Leto Svet was unfortunately knocked out of the Eurovision Song Contest at the semi-final stage on Tuesday evening!

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