Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Cross-Eyed Warmongers Not Welcome

Via Beau Bo D'or:

Yes - That's a real Boris Johnson quote, taken from an article published in the Telegraph following Bush's re-election in 2004.

Dubya visits London on June 15th. The Stop The War Coalition (PDF) are planning a demonstration against Bush's visit, to take place in Parliament Square starting at 5pm.

More intriguing (and almost certainly more unconventional) in its approach to protesting Bush is the mysterious 'Operation Manticore', organised by Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads. Going by the campaign website, Manticore is planned to echo Ireland's previous anti-Bush protest in 2003 - but this time with the added component of secrecy.

One blogger who was part of the network has already dropped out of Manticore. Sim-O wrote:

After reading in their forum where it was heading, I'll be following avidly, but not participating.

I'm all for a bit of gentle civil dis-obedience, but my bollocks aren't as big as they once were...

I'll certainly be watching this one with interest!

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