Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Great Pretense

It should by now go without saying that representative democracy in the UK is a sham.

A choice between three authoritarian, nannying, high-tax, high-maintenance, moderately socially liberal, pro-EU parties is clearly no choice at all.

Yet, despite this, there continue to be commentators who sing the praises of this sham democracy at every opportunity.

Their aim appears to this cynic's eye to be to keep the distance between the man or woman on the street and political power as great as possible while still maintaining the pretense of 'democracy'. I have little doubt that were it thought to be politically practicable, they'd dispense with the whole 'voting' rigamarole altogether - It's hardly as though it serves much purpose as things stand.

There's a cynical explanation and a charitable explanation for their vehement insistence that such an indefensible state of affairs is actually to be applauded rather than condemned.

The cynical explanation is that Paulie and his ilk are the blogosphere's servants to the political classes, throwing as much misdirection around as possible to try and keep you off the scent.

The charitable explanation: That it's borne out of fear of the alternative. In other words:
"Always keep a hold of nurse, for fear of finding something worse"
writ large.

Only nurse isn't a caring guardian, s/he's an avaricious control freak.

Voters: This is what they think of you. Don't let them get away with it!


John Angliss said...

I appreciate the absurdity of the political situation, at least until some form of Single Alternative Vote or Proportional Representation is instituted, but if you think Paulie and his ilk are shills for power you must be squinting in a very odd way at the political arena. Plus, democracy as racist NIMBYism, which Paulie criticises in his post, is a fairly rubbish advertisement for democracy, isn't it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

This sort of reminds me of the way that the three Indian bicycle manufacturers split up the market between themselves; instead of all making what was basically an identical biks, one added a comfier saddle and called it a lady's bike; one took off the mudguards, added drop handlebars and called it a racing bike and the other put on fatter tyres, a panier fore and aft and called it a delivery boy's bike.

Each one could thus charge a premium for its own product.

Getting back to the topic, the Tories love it when Nulab accuse the Tories of being EU-sceptic and wanting to 'slash public services'. It's not true in the slightest, but at least it helps the Tories get the votes of the EU-sceptics and economically liberal, and so on and so forth.

Anonymous said...

cantyou see that guardian readers are sponging off the taxpayer come on use napalm, next stop chaos!!

Anonymous said...

Studies show that non-taxpayers are giving way to multiculturalism because they are socialists, when will this government abolish tax, What ever happened to putting UK first?!?!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Its not politically correct to say so but pathetic liberal tree huggers are ruining reat Britai because they are socialists. Tmie to act: put them in a rocket and fire them in to the sun. We are all being had here!!!

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Oh god not this again IMO scientists are trying to save the planet' again. Isn't it obvious call in the army now. It's that simple!?!

Anonymous said...

Lies damn lies and stistics!. here come the pc brigade and the nanny state! non-taxpayers are giving money to their cronies. The silent majority must say enough is enough. This is very disturbing to me!!!!!

[Saint George] The Real World