Sunday, 8 June 2008

Seen Elsewhere (2)

This week's recommended reading elsewhere in the British blogosphere:

  • This week's dominant issue has undoubtedly been 42 day detention. Just about every liberal or libertarian blogger has posted about it, but the most interesting commentary comes once again from SepticIsle.

  • The Nameless One on how 'Plane Stupid', well, live up down to their name.

  • Blogger anger at a Bishop who compared climate change deniers sceptics to Austrian incest psychopath Josef Fritzl is 'hysterical outrage', according to Justin McKeating of Chicken Yoghurt.

  • Excellent teacher blogger To Miss With Love's view on the perennial 'dumbing down exams' debate. The comments threads here are always worth a read, and this is certainly no exception.

  • Following on from George Monbiot (John Bolton) and AC Grayling (Robert Mugabe), Justin's fellow put-the-world-to-rights blogger Tim Ireland calls for George W Bush to be arrested when he visits the UK later this month. Watch out Mr President, Operation Manticore is coming to getcha!

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