Sunday, 15 June 2008

Seen Elsewhere (3)

It's been a pretty momentous week in politics, so a bumper batch of recommended reading is what I have for you today:

David Davis

  • The resignation of shadow home secretary David Davis over 42-day detention brought a mixed response on the blogs. The Devil applauded the Tory's decision wildly. Dave Osler is rather more cynical, pointing out some of Davis' less liberal views.

  • The UK Libertarian Party invite Davis to campaign under the banner of libertarianism. Guido Fawkes publicises; Unity (writing at Liberal Conspiracy) is rather more cynical.
  • Also at Liberal Conspiracy, Conor Foley argued for supporting Davis in the by-election, while Jennie Rigg took the other side of the argument. Both posts were followed by some lively discussion.

  • Tim Ireland predicted an opponent for Davis from 'The Scum' - but perhaps not "the most stupid man in the history of British politics" (The Broadsheet Rag). Iain Dale awaits the Davis-MacKenzie contest with anticipation; perhaps not surprisingly - polls give MacKenzie little hope.

  • Labour councillor Luke Akehurst sparks outrage by one-upping MacKenzie in the stupid stakes - suggesting that a "survivor or relative of a victim of a terrorist attack" should be run by Labour against Davis. Harry Haddock of Nation of Shopkeepers gives Luke both barrels. 7/7 survivor Rachel North explained to Luke in rather more measured tones exactly why he is wrong.

  • Fortunately it's not all this bad on the Labour front, however, as The Exile reports that Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews has thrown his support behind Davis.

Irish No Vote
  • Guido Fawkes greets the referendum result with an emphatic cheer, and four pints of the black stuff.

  • Euro-bloggers Jon Worth (lots of links to interesting stuff here) and Ralf Grahn, as you might expect, aren't quite so pleased with the turn of events. Re:Europa has a round-up of Euroblog responses.

  • Nosemonkey of EUtopia declares the Lisbon treaty dead, and implores the "political elites" of Europe to think again.

  • EU Referendum has plenty of reaction to the No vote and its aftermath. Devil's Kitchen has a comprehensive reaction to the attempts by Eurocrats to carry on as though nothing had happened. David Semple at Though Cowards Flinch gives a left-wing Eurosceptic's view.

  • Finally, spare a thought for bookmakers Paddy Power - who underestimated just that when they paid out on Yes on Thursday night!

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