Sunday, 22 June 2008

Seen Elsewhere (4)

The hangover: After the celebration of last week's Irish vote for sovereignty and accountability, this week has brought the inevitable cynicism and contempt from European leaders and their supporters.

  • Open Europe Blog is keeping track of the most outrageous quotes from European leaders and MEPs, as I post over at the other place of the contempt one Romanian party in particular has for democratic principles. Ian Parker-Joseph pointedly says "Remember Ceaucescu".

  • New Labour denied us Brits our referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, but Guido Fawkes came up with a way. Vote 'Yes' or 'No' to Lisbon. Hurry, today's the last day you can vote.

  • From Ben Brogan's blog to the front page of the Independent, the 'Shami smear'. The consistently excellent SepticIsle (of 'Obsolete', IMHO the most interesting single-author blog) is spot on when he describes Burnham as having "nothing left to resort to than insults and shit-stirring". Spy Blog speculate as to where Burnham got his rumours from.

QT's Five To Watch

I've made use of Blogger's new 'Blog List' feature to add a new section to my sidebar, 'QT's Five To Watch'.

The idea behind this is to showcase five blogs each month that in my view do not receive as much attention as they deserve to. These may be new blogs, or older blogs whose authors who have been industriously blogging away, but not raising their profile as much as perhaps they would like.

This month's five are:
  • Aled Dilwyn Fisher, a new young Green Party blogger.

  • Charlie Marks, who has been blogging for 'socialism and self-determination' at Rebellion Sucks since spring 2007, and supports a phenomenal number of causes.

  • Clairwil, who has been blogging politics and life in a uniquely engaging way since October 2005.

  • It Is Better To Be Free. Can't say fairer than that. This is another brand new blog with a frenetic rate of posting. It's not the most attractive blog I've ever seen, but it's a web log in the original sense of the word - this really is one to watch.

  • Underdogs Bite Upwards is that rare thing, a strong political blog on the Livejournal platform. Leg-iron, the author, is a regular commenter at DK's and other libertarian blogs.

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