Sunday, 29 June 2008

Seen Elsewhere (5)

Recommended reading elsewhere from the past week:

  • Falling squarely in the 'posts I wish I'd written' category, Christina Croft of It Is Better To Be Free on the quest for power.

  • Tim Worstall, on the manifestation of said power in Polly's dreamland, AKA Sweden. DK's strongly-worded reaction to this is entirely warranted.

  • Britain is not quite at that stage, but if Harriet Harman had her way... Leg-Iron of Underdogs Bite Upwards wonders if Labour are trying to lose voters to the BNP, or just clueless.

  • Fruit and vegetables in the EU: Jon Worth on the myth, or not, of legislation on cucumber curvature. The Secret Person on too small kiwi fruit. David Davis met a 'metric martyr' greengrocer in East London.

  • SepticIsle on Gordon Brown one year on.

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