Saturday, 14 June 2008

The Show Must Go On - Whether You Like It Or Not

...Or why the arrogant architects of the EU superstate just won't take no for an answer:

Via OpenEurope Blog:

"The ratification procedure is already complete in 18 countries. We hope therefore that the other member states will persevere with the ratification process." - Nicolas Sarkozy & Angela Merkel (BBC)
"Naturally we are disappointed, it is a hard blow...Nevertheless I am convinced that we need this treaty. Therefore we are sticking with our goal for it to come into force. The ratification process must continue." - Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Reuters)
"This is a serious blow to European construction [but] the path of European integration must not however be stopped." - Franco Frattini (Reuters)
"[Irish PM Brian Cowen] also believed that the treaty is not dead, the treaty is alive...He was clear that this vote should not be seen as a vote against the EU" - Jose Manuel Barroso (AFP)
"Ratifications should continue to take their course" - Jose Manuel Barroso (BBC)
"When there is popular consultation you get populism, nationalism, xenopohobia, all sorts of lies..." - Andrew Duff MEP (AFP)
"Ireland will for sure find a way of ratifying this treaty" - Donald Tusk (Reuters)
"...Nor should we accept the bleating from Eurosceptics that there is somehow something undemocratic about a new referendum. It is perfectly reasonable to address a divergence in the positions of the 27 EU countries by asking the minority of one to think again" - Richard Corbett MEP (Blog)
... and, of course, our very own David Miliband:
"I think it is right that we follow the view that each country must see the ratification process to a conclusion" - David Miliband (BBC)

As Nosemonkey (of Nosemonkey's EUtopia), who is hardly a committed Euro-sceptic, put it (bolding mine):

The European project was started by political elites as a trade association with delusions of grandeur. It is now much, much more than that, with competence creep after competence creep. It is too unwieldy and unaccountable for the people of a continent with more than its fair experience of despotism and dictatorship not to start taking offence if it continues down the route of "what we say goes, and there’s not much you can do about it".
The EU has evolved gradually over the years based on vague dreams. It’s time for a reality check.

Go read the whole post. I really hope the wisdom contained therein starts to filter through to the likes of the politicians quoted above.

Finally, enough of these two crap arguments from the 'Yes side':
The people voting No did so because they didn't understand the Treaty
...and the people voting Yes did understand the treaty, did they?

Just 862,000 out of ~400 million people voted against the Treaty
True. But only 752,000 out of those ~400 million voted for it!

UPDATE (16/06): OpenEurope have a whole new batch of quotes up showcasing the arrogant, bullying Eurocrats at their worst. Can we leave soon? Please.


a very public sociologist said...

And as was pointed out at the Devil's place, some 9,000 legislators will be voting yes for the treaty across Europe. How is that democratic?

berenike said...


They really are on their own planet, aren't they? I mean, do they hear what comes out of their mouths?