Thursday, 12 June 2008

Why I Hate Lefties (2)

Continued from yesterday...

2. The Sanctimony

There's a fairly famous quote by US right-wing commentator Charles Krauthammer:

"To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil."

Spending time on the blogs and forums arguing with leftists suggests that the above, applied to UK politics too, represents a substantial nugget of wisdom.

Leftist ideals are high ideals: Equality, fairness, diversity and well, as Krauthammer describes, simple 'niceness'. What could possibly be wrong with that.

Well, in practice, there's actually quite a lot wrong with that. That's a topic for another post (though the remainder of Krauthammer's article is a good place to start). What is inferred when, as a 'right-winger', you point out the flaws, is that therefore you are clearly opposed to those high ideals. Therefore, you are nasty, selfish, mean and, well, evil. Voila, the roots of leftist sanctimony. Differences of opinion are moral failings.

You see it on Comment Is Free all the time. As Sunny pointed out in his article a couple of days ago, the CiF audience isn't made up of typical Guardian readers, and indeed there are more 'right-wingers' on Comment Is Free than leftists. On thread after thread, the same pattern emerges: Right-wing commentators will call the article rubbish and the author stupid, and the leftists will call them nasty and selfish. Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

I wouldn't exactly say that this comment, by 'bass46' on one of Polly Toynbee's dafter recent columns, is typical (four fifths of the respondents are handing her her hat, including two Swedes who between them noted 10 "errors" in an article dealing with Swedish politics). But it does exemplify the attitude to the 'other side' that I am talking about:
The term "right wing" is a great description for being selfish. It is a great way to describe a fundamentally nasty view of human nature, which attributes to mankind little more than the desire to shaft other members of humanity for personal gain...Time and again the right claim ownership of ideas they never thought of, claim success they've never had, and (often) elections they never won. Despite all the turmoil created every single time some useless right wing idiot lies his way to an election victory, the defenders of greed still claim they make everyone rich. It's dogma piled on bullshit multiplied by fantasy, and it always leads to the same results, inequality, crime, unemployment and broad unhappiness across society.
"Dogma piled on bullshit multiplied by fantasy". What a wonderful description - of the arguments of the left. Just as in Sweden, where disillusionment with the tax-and-spend wildly Social Democrat party led to the centrist coalition's 2006 victory that is the topic of Toynbee's article. The Social Democrat party lost 16% of its members last year, according to English-language Swedish paper The Local.

When this is the best example of socialism in action your side can point to (alternatives I've been presented with in CiF debates have included 1970s Tanzania(!) and Cuba(!!)), perhaps you should rethink your characterisation of right-wingers as useless idiots, bass46 - and there's plenty more where that came from.

Despite this, I don't hate all lefties. Only the lefties who preach the moral high ground in their arguments, and those who do nothing to stop them. Are you in either one of those categories? If so, then I despise you.*

* As with the previous post, the title and final paragraph are adapted from here (read the first post in the series for the explanation)


staybryte said...


I stumbled on you quoting a CiF post of mine from a while back on the confused state of British politics and widespread disenchantment. Thanks for that.

Re your post, it reminds me of the moment in the Simpsons when an elephant rampages through the Democratic and Republican conventions. The Republicans display banners saying "we want what's worst for everyone!" and "we're just plain evil!" while the Democrat banners say "We can't govern!", and (the coup de grace) "we hate life and ourselves!" :-)

QT said...

Thanks (it was this post) :-)