Monday, 14 July 2008

Bloggers vs Schillings Round 2: The Tim Spicer Letter

IMAGE: Colonel Tim Spicer in 2004 (BBC)

Remember last September, when libel lawyers Schillings took on Craig Murray and provided us with a classic demonstration of the Streisand Effect, thanks to the outrage of over 300 bloggers?

Well, it seems they learnt precisely nada from the experience, for they're at it again - this time trying to block Murray's new book 'The Road To Samarkand' before it has even been published!

These enemies of freedom of speech are working this time around on behalf of one Tim Spicer, a former Army officer who now runs a firm of 20,000 private soldiers in Iraq, called Aegis.

Schillings sent Murray a letter, marked 'Not For Publication', in which they demanded the full text of 'The Road To Samarkand' in advance of release. It has since been republished at Ministry Of Truth, Obsolete and at Tim Ireland's Usmanov blog, and discussed on several other blogs.

If Schillings were aiming to spread the word about Tim Spicer's less than ethical activities in Iraq across the blogosphere, and give Craig Murray's new book a handy publicity boost with lots of likely interested readers, then I have to admit that they've been very successful.


UPDATE (15/07): More on this story, and the wider campaign against the UK's censorious libel laws, from George Monbiot...


TBRRob said...

It's good when this sort of thing happens. :)

QT said...

Well, it's good that we get the Streisand Effect, but it'd be so much better if the law was changed so it wasn't necessary to rally around like this all the time.