Friday, 4 July 2008

Quote Of The Day

Via Biased BBC, from Ashley Mote MEP

Here's one for the Euro-sceptics:

"The UK media is broadly sceptical [about the EU] so we try in Brussels to break that cycle of scepticism...The BBC's job is to reflect the European perspective . . . and make news less sceptical. That is why the BBC has such a big bureau in Brussels" -
Jonathon Chapman, Senior BBC World News Reporter, March 2004
Another source for the quote: Tory MP Philip Davies, from Parliamentary Select Committee Minutes of 11 July 2006 (Q106)

More: BBC Charter Review (RTF)


Tuscan Tony said...

Breathtaking arrogance, and not for the first time.

"We know where the centre ground is, somewhat to the left of you, so we deliver a statist/socialist message to balance you."

Dangerous loons.

Yes, we have straight bananas said...

Quoting a already ambiguous quote with two sets of ellipses in isn't your best work, Ian.

Headmaster's office!

QT said...

The quote was like that in the Select Committee minutes I took it from.