Monday, 7 July 2008

Seen Elsewhere (6)

Recommended reading elsewhere from the past week:

  • Clairwil wonders why the residents of Glasgow East would consider voting for Labour after having been taken for granted.

  • The Thunder Dragon (at Matt Wardman's place) on why David Clelland MP should be told to stick his job.

  • On a similar note, via Jon Worth, the French Foreign Minister makes his ignorance known.

  • Dave Osler asks if some of Britain's youth have come to believe that it is "cool to kill". Cue a lively comments thread.

  • Teacher blogger Old Andrew (at Scenes From The Battleground) rails against the anti-disciplinarians, setting out the Appeasers' Creed.

  • Finally, I became a member of the Blogpower community this week. Here, thanks to Colin Campbell (who blogs at Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe), is this week's Blogpower Roundup.

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Colin Campbell said...

Welcome to Blogpower. Looking forward to your Roundup.