Sunday, 20 July 2008

Seen Elsewhere (8)

This week's bloground (back to normal service this week after last week's marathon), and 5 new 'Blogs to Watch':

  • The latest libel threat by Schillings against Craig Murray. Ministry of Truth picks up the story once again. Back To The Locus has a list of supporters, and a quote from a man that even Schillings wouldn't dare take on.

  • One story above all others has dominated the Scottish blogosphere this week ahead of the Glasgow East by-election. Kezia Dugdale has the 'Exclusive'. Doctorvee has the commentary.

  • Margaret Curran hasn't had it all her own way, though. Guido Fawkes spots a suspicious post on the Labour candidate's campaign blog. Deliberate fakery was assumed at first, but the cock-up hypothesis was found to be the correct one (Devil's Kitchen - scroll down to Update #2).

  • Guido Fawkes again: His long running campaign against the left-wing think tank the Smith Institute (not to be confused with the Adam Smith Institute!) bore fruit this week... or did it (Ministry of Truth)? Frankly I find the whole thing, and the associated sniping from both sides, stultifyingly dull - but you can read the posts and make your own minds up.

  • Simon Clark has a great post on the 'secret seedy underworld' of BDSM.

QT's Five To Watch

Five blogs that will be highlighted for a month in the 'Blog List' on Question That's sidebar.

Last month's five were: Aled Dilwyn Fisher; Charlie Marks; Clairwil; It Is Better To Be Free; and Underdogs Bite Upwards. The last of these was promoted to the 12 'Most Read Blogs'.

  • Ambush Predator, the blog of frequent CiF commentator, and one of a precious few non-feminist female bloggers, thylacosmilus.

  • Back Towards The Locus, a brand new centre-left blog by a sixth-former going by the name of BenSix.

  • Ewan Watt, a right-libertarian I met at drinks with DK & Tim W who has been blogging since late 2006 without attracting much attention.

  • Norfolk Blogger, a Lib Dem blogger and Blogpower member.

  • Scribo Ergo Sum, a mainly democratic-socialist collaborative blog that has been running for 8 months.


BenSix said...

Thank you for the link.

I do remain unsure of my political alignment. I've had greater contortions than an eel, and I'm rather more slippery.

Ewan Watt said...

Thank you Sir!