Sunday, 27 July 2008

Seen Elsewhere (9)

5 posts from my top 5 blogs as voted for Iain Dale's Top 100 Political Blogs, followed by 5 from around the Blogpower community makes up this week's set of recommended reading:

  • The Devil's Kitchen on, er, Iain Dale's Top 100 Political Blogs.

  • SepticIsle at Obsolete has the only post you need to read on the Max Mosley verdict.

  • Tim Worstall is more a place to go for consistent excellence in the cutting-down of daft journalists, commentators and retired accountants than for stand-out individual posts. Here's a typical example. Eh?

  • To Miss With Love is the blog of Snuffy, a black teacher in inner-city London. If you read only one professional blog, read this one. Here she is on parents who sabotage teachers' efforts to instil discipline.

  • EU Referendum on a seemingly appreciative communication that turned out to be total bilge.

The mini Blogpower round-up (for the real thing go here):
  • Bearwatch with (surprise surprise) a pessimistic post about the world economy.
  • Labour blogger Bob Piper on the fall-out from his party's loss of Glasgow East. Unsurprisingly, when times are bad, it's the economy, stupid - never mind who was chancellor of the exchequer when times were good!

  • Paulie at Never Trust a Hippy asks if Brown should go now. It's all about communication, apparently. I think I feel a rant coming on.

  • Oh, No (Clue). Its Harriet Harman in control!

  • Can we consider Barack Obama to be the American Tony Blair? Yes We Can, says CityUnslicker.


jmb said...

Thanks for adding the BP section to you Seen Elsewhere series Ian.

Bob Piper said...

You seem to misunderstand. When the economy was strong (the government) Labour were doing well in the opinion polls. When it is weak (the government) are doing badly. Who is responsible for the economy doing well and not is irrelevant.

That's what I mean by the economy. stupid.

QT said...

Bob, that was my opinionated commentary, not intended to be a reflection of what you said!

Sackerson said...

Thanks for the mention. My "pessimism" is my fear for the social conditions of the middle-to-poor in the UK; other countries and classes may do well, with some possible surprises, e.g. I wonder whether we may not be talking about India within a generation, rather than China.

BTW, Mr Piper seems a little rude. And I think it's a little disingenuous to try to separate the economy from the government: as Labour have been in power for over 11 years, I assume they must accept responsibility for our economic performance; particularly since Gordon Brown has been running the country since 1997, and constantly extending the Treasury's remit.

QT said...

@sackerson: Thanks for the response. I don't particularly disagree with your slant on things, certainly not in the way I do with Bob's sun-shines-out-of-the-Labour-party's-behind stance.

I fully agree with the second part of your comment.