Monday, 14 July 2008

So, You Believe In (9/11) Conspiracy Theories?


Charlie Brooker gives 9/11 Troofers a good kicking today in his usual sarcastic style in an article entitled So, you believe in conspiracy theories, do you? You probably also think you're the Emperor of Pluto. Bravo!

...Embrace a conspiracy theory and suddenly you're part of a gang sharing privileged information; your sense of power and dignity rises a smidgen and this troublesome world makes more sense, for a time. You've seen through the matrix! At last you're alive! You ARE the Emperor of Pluto after all!

Except - ahem - you're only deluding yourself, your majesty. Because to believe the "system" is trying to control you is to believe it considers you worth controlling in the first place...

Go and read the whole thing. And then, when you're in the mood to be disheartened again, start reading the comments...

UPDATE: I'll make an exception to the line above regarding the comments for this comment by Oroklini, a commenter I seldom agree with but who neatly summarizes why 9/11 Truthers are talking out of their arses:

REQUIREMENTS for 9/11 conspiracy "Troofers" version of events:

1) Hundreds of expert subcontractors to plant explosives inside buildings
2) Forgers to create documents
3) Tens of agents to encourage the 19 "hijackers" to forge a distinct group
4) An entire televisual production team, probably several of them, to create fake videos
5) One Osama bin Laden lookalike
6) Hundreds, probably thousands, of accountants to creatively hide the monies required for the operation
7) The chief brass of the military, navy and the air force
8) Twenty or so Congressmen, plus their staff, plus thousands of investigators to "find" planted evidence.
etc. etc. etc.

REQUIREMENTS for the, erm, truth:

1) 19 guys with Stanley knives and some basic piloting lessons.
2) Some money.
3) Erm...
4) That's it.

Via regular commenter necroflangerie, here is a round-up of responses to the most common 9/11 Truther lines. Elsewhere on the linked website is more detailed discussions of these and other 9/11 conspiracy-related issues.


TBRRob said...

I think it shows the lack of trust people have in politicians. If they're willing to believe in these sorts of things.

Wolfie said...

However that still leaves ample room for the simple LIHOP conspiracy theorist :

1) 19 guys with Stanley knives and some basic piloting lessons.
2) Some money.
3) Erm…
4) Any government agent finds evidence of the operation they get reassigned/sacked.
5) That's it.

Much cheaper.

QT said...

I'm not really attacking the 'LIHOP' (Let It Happen) conspiracy theory. That is at least in the realms of plausibility (not to say I believe it myself).

But the 'inside job' conspiracists drive me up the wall.

staybryte said...


You are wasting your time. It simply does not matter what argument you advance against troofers. These people are truly monomaniacal. There is NO trump card that can be played against them.

But don't let it stop you trying.

Longrider said...

I gave up trying to deal with these fuckwits. The demanded that Peter Power explain what he was doing on July 7th 2005. He has done so on a number of occasions, but as the reality does not fit with troofer delusions, they continue to make their shrill demands while ignoring any rational explanation.

I closed down the comments after having the same tedious rants repeated ad nauseum.

There's not reasoning with these people.