Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Tax Debate This Evening

I will be out and about this evening. Specifically, I will be at the Church House in Westminster for a seminar organised by Demos & the TUC entitled 'Is It Time For Tax Justice?' that I spotted on Liberal Conspiracy's list of think-tank events.

I'm not expecting too much in the way of lively debate - the guests are:

  • Polly Toynbee
  • Richard Murphy
  • Peter Hain
  • Brendan Barber

Still, should be interesting. If anyone reading this between now and then fancies coming along, it's probably not too late. To attend email or call 020 7467 1204.


Nothing is certain but... said...

Sounds fascinating Ian-I'm not sure what you mean about a lack of lively debate, Polly Toynbee and Brendan Barber are fine speakers and the Tax Justice lot have some very interesting things to say.

If you want "lively", you could always bring along some of your Libertarian Party pals for a spot of AQA-approved heckling. :-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Can we have an update on how excrutiatingly awful it was?