Friday, 29 August 2008

McCain Selects 44-Year-Old VP

It looks like Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is John McCain's choice for running mate.

Once again the Daily Kos faithful are queueing up to ridicule the Republicans, describing the selection as a "mark of desperation". Only this time, I think they may well be quite right to do so.

The choice of Palin, as pointed out by several commentators there and elsewhere, seriously weakens McCain's strongest attack on Obama, i.e. that he is too young and inexperienced to lead.

"Now everybody is going to be wondering if Palin is ready to be President. With less experience than Obama.

McCain just took the one argument he had going for him - experience - and balled it up and threw it in the trashcan."
- wmtriallawyer

Palin's anti-choice views (shared, of course, with McCain) surely limit her appeal to undecided female voters, and she is the subject of an ongoing ethics investigation into allegations of abuse of office while she was Governor.

This selection is clearly a curve-ball that has been thrown by the GOP just ahead of their convention, and it is true that it has taken a significant amount of media attention away from Barack Obama - but I struggle to see this particular gamble succeeding!


richard allan said...

I don't know, I love Sarah Palin. A couple of months ago I looked through the shortlist of female candidates and she was my choice - pretty good, eh? I'm rooting for McCain/Palin now, with a view to Palin 2012 (or whenever the hell McCain croaks). As for being pro-life, well, I'm pro-choice but I think a lot of pro-choicers are intellectually dishonest in admitting no possibility that killing a fetus could be murder. That seems to me a perfectly logical position to take, and I would have a 16-week time limit (plus rape, incest, mother's in danger, maybe disability) as a "compromise" that the pro-lifers would have to learn to live with.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm not sure how you can equate the lack of experience of the presidential candidate with the lack of experience of the VICE presidential candidate?

Or are you suggesting that we need another four years of suggestions that the prez is just a puppet for the veep?

Anyway, this made me laugh ...

PMN said...

"but I struggle to see this particular gamble succeeding!"

I would hope not, but this the US we are talking about.

JuliaM said...

She might not have a lot of experience, but what she has is solid gioverning experience.

Which is a lot more than can be said for Obama, who's never successfully run anything other than a political campaign...

"a lot of pro-choicers are intellectually dishonest in admitting no possibility that killing a fetus could be murder"

Exactly. This choice will not bring in the die-hard 'abortion on demand' voters (tbh, nothing would pursuade them anyway) but it will bring in those who accept the right to choose but are disgusted as the casual nature of the choice these days.

A Very Public Sociologist said...

This is a big mistake from McCain's point of view. The whackjob/Jesusland vote might be pleased, but there's no way disgruntled democrats worried about Obama (for whatever reason) are going to be tempted by this horrible ticket.

QT said...

I'm qute surprised to see libertarians backing the Republicans. Haven't they done enough damage to civil liberties in the past 8 years?

(and then there's the war, of course)

richard allan said...

I'm just after something that will hurt the "progressives", really. The Dems aren't going to change anything - viz. Obama's vote on FISA. Of course, Obama winning and then selling out in five minutes flat would hurt the progressives too. We shall see.