Sunday, 3 August 2008

Seen Elsewhere (10)

Four from the other five blogs I voted for in Iain Dale's Top 100 Blogs (voting still open by the way - if you haven't voted yet, go here or e-mail (unless you don't want to vote, of course)):

  • Another blogger threatened with libel action; this time by John Mark Brewer, the owner of SPCK, a chain of Anglican bookshops. Unity of Ministry of Truth is once again on the case of a legal bully.

  • Stumbling & Mumbling's Chris Dillow on Anthony Browne's views on morality.

  • Glaswegian lady-blogger Clairwil's reaction to Labour's defeat in Glasgow East.

  • Dave Osler at Dave's Part on the David Milliband Guardian article, and the need to inspire the Labour base rather than just attacking David Cameron. Enough Daves for you?

The mini Blogpower round-up. Through a combination of laziness and contrariness, I've concentrated on the latter half of the alphabet this week:
  • The Tin Drummer on political correctness and controls on bloggers. As I have encountered myself (at The Sharpener), there are those who will, if they are allowed to get away with it, move the goalposts of 'acceptability' until only left-wing views are allowed to be expressed

  • Cuil, a new search engine supposedly intended to rival Google, was launched this week. Norfolk Blogger, for one, was singularly unimpressed.

  • How to make traditional Sicilian focaccia? Let Welshcakes Limoncello (Sicily Scene) be your guide...

  • Pub Philosopher questions the prioritisation of 'religious rights' over school uniform policy in a post entitled 'Can children now wear swastikas to school?'

  • Paulie at Never Trust a Hippy has a post that is, in typical Paulie style, thought-provoking and bewildering in equal measure. It is about alternative political axes to the traditional 'left'-'right', great - but putting 'idealist' and 'cynic' at the same end (with something rather fuzzy at the other end)? If something more exciting doesn't come up I'll write a proper post about this later in the week.

Chervil has the full Blogpower round-up at the Defending The Blog homepage.

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Paulie said...

"If something more exciting doesn't come up I'll write a proper post about this later in the week."

Aw, please don't?