Saturday, 9 August 2008

Seen Elsewhere (11)

Quick round-up this week; 5 from this month's Five To Watch...

  • Ambush Predator summarises the reaction to Julie Bindel's disastrous Comment Is Free outing on Thursday.

  • BenSix at Back Towards The Locus on the House of Lords ruling on BAE Systems enquiry.

  • Ewan Watt is following the US election campaigns closely. Here he is on Barack Obama's new-found support for off-shore drilling.

  • Norfolk Blogger on South Ossetia and the trouble with relying on Russian gas.

  • Douglas Johnson at Scribo Ergo Sum discusses the policing at the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth from a Green perspective.

Aside from these, the controversy of the week has been the posting of an environmentalist & journalist, Alex Lockwood, who suggested that climate change 'denial' be censored. Cue outrage.

Sorry no mini Blogpower round-up this week; it should be back next week...

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